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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  August 18, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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an east bay fire chief is under fire and tonight he answers his critics a massive recall just got larger and details on an urgent call for blood donors for a rare form of cancer. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening, it is wednesday, august 18 this is bay area news at 7:00. alameda's fire chief is on the defensive tonight after filling up his car. jana katsuyama asked the chief white he is entitled to free gas placentia's live with the stories. >> gasia, this is a gas station
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right across the street and critics say that the chief has been filling up over there at the city mschief says it's part of his contract deal. >> it shows the fire chief standing next to his blue b&w -- blue sports car as if it were up his car with city gas. several members say it is not the first time he has filled up his courage. today we showed the photos to the chief and asked for his reaction and. >> is that true? >> this vehicle i put the gas and. >> the bmw? >> the atp? of wilmette, that was on the trailer -- no, that was on the tiller. >> reporter: he says he is on call a round-the-clock. >> i did not do anything illegal i have been operating
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according to the benefit in my contract. >> reporter: we obtained a copy ended the state in lieu of a city takeover vehicle the teeth can use his private vehicle and obtain a two letter $50 monthly allowance an option he decided to take but nowhere is there any mention of freezing gas. the chief said it was a verbal agreement. members of the firefighter union say they are upset. >> they have had to eliminate positions and now you have a department head that is able to use city fuel for all of his personal activities. >> the union says that his truck was updated with lights for official use, not the bmw and the city attorney says she believes the chief but the contract was not handled according to a proper procedures. >> i would be looking at in the
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contract including an offer letter and in this case this one was not submitted to the city attorney's office. >> reporter: today the chief told me that he is willing to renegotiate his total compensation package with the city estimated at more than $200,000 a year. reporting live, jana katsuyama. ktvu channel 2 news. law-enforcement officers hauled away truckloads of marijuana today. helicopters spent hours lifting load after load of marijuana. the legal pot growing operation was discovered by of property owned by the marin water district. >> the people who are responsible for these illegal operations have no regard for public safety nor do they have any concern at the damage created by their growth plates. >> they have not revealed how
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much marijuana they found or if they know who planted it. the california supreme court cleared the way for a perception of furlough friday starting immediately. the course been the last week's ordered by a judge that had temporarily stopped the furloughs. the highest court says furloughs can resume while the justices review whether governor switch in aker has the authority to ban the unpaid days off for an estimated 144,000 state workers. as it stands now they resumed this friday. nearly 7.5 years just about all u.s. combat troops are out of iraq tonight to be the last brigade left iraq today and darnell and kuwait. the departure of the fourth strike brigade and combat there. 50,000 servicemen and women will stay in another year in
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non-combat roles and the troops left iraq ahead of the august 31st deadline. concerns about the salmonella hawk outbreak prompted the centers for disease control to expand a egg recall that includes 32 32 million but egg current. as health and science editor at john fowler reports it may be the largest ever recall of fresh eggs. >> the eggs were sold by safeway and other stores and could contain dangerous salmonella bacteria. >> more than 100 bay area people did and became sick. this is salmonella, an unusual package and studied in this uc- berkeley in lab. illnesses are relatively
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common. >> of >> about 10,000 cases a year. >> reporter: it occurs inside the egg as well as on the salmonella. >> high fevers, diarrhea, vomiting and usually they recover. >> reporter: how do you know kretek the packaging and. the first recall plant numbers are 1026 with pack dates between 136 back into 25 and the new numbers are 1720 and 1942 with backdates 146 to 229. >> i make sure i do not by the generic storebrand eggs. >> the recall of eggs are from one farm in iowa and made chicken susceptible to. >> i understand unfortunately we have to do something about it, it's horrible.
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>> reporter: recalled the eggs should be returned to the store for a refund. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we have posted all of the information on our website. school down to the middle of the page and look for the right now section. thousands of bay area patients need to get vaccinations all over again. they discovered a problem with storage refrigerators that called the net cost thousands of doses lose potency vaccines were damaged by extreme temperatures and 3,000 patients in the north bay and san francisco area received those vaccines between january and june of this year. >> we have no evidence that anyone who was immunized against any of these illnesses have come down with that illness as a consequence of this. >> still the vaccines may not have worked so on saturday officials began sending a letter of to patients asking them to come in to be
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reimmunized. >> it seems that a roller- coaster stranded 2000 people this afternoon it happened just before 2:00 p.m.. 26 people including children are on the ride when it was stopped on an incline. a spokeswoman said none of the riders were stuck upside down and all were given water. after about one hour they were escorted safely. oakland police are investigating a shooting today. happen to around 11:00 a.m. in the 7,000 block of bancroft avenue near the town center mall. the shooting victims are in men and women. he was shot in the hand and there's no word on the women's entry but it's not believed to be life-threatening. police have no word on the motive for. happening right now, people are gathering in oakland to raise money for the family of a virginia man killed last month. it is for the 45-year-old man running until a o'clock at the
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asian cultural center. his widow and tended to indict's memorial. he was in the bay area for a job interview with google when he was killed during an apparent robbery. the red cross is asking for the public's help. the red cross is holding a blood drive 42-year-old girl. two months ago she was diagnosed with stage for cancer of the mirror sells. she has a ready on undergone several blood transfusions and will need more blood to continue treatment. the red cross is hoping to get at least $120. >> even if the blood that is donated today does not go directly into her veins it's the feeling out there that everybody is supporting her and want to make her better and not just turbot weber house gets the blood. >> and other blood drive will be held tomorrow at the oakland
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center on lake drive. the high weight patrol is running in another tolerance campaign in violation of the hands presell pilaf. that's sweet tasting resulted in 1300 citations but they are looking for drivers and other taxing while driving or talking on the phone without using a eight handsfree device. a celebrity doctor killed and eight california car crash was taxiing while driving. he was -- texting while driving and it happened monday. his ex-girlfriend says the 50- year-old doctor was tweeting about his dog. he is known for working with celebrities and early this year he performed extensive plastic surgery on actress heidi montag. a survey showed that 60% of
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stock owners have driven while distracted and two-thirds drive while petting or playing with their dog and that can be just as distracting as texting or talking on the phone. >> eight bay area -- apiarian -- a nightclub is claiming that they are the victims appeared plus a cold summer. wine producers provide the first taste of what to expect. >> outside out now looking toward san francisco they mostly clear skies a fog bank developing offshore. . droiiiid.
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what this droid does will change how you do web connections. this creates a mobile 3g hotspot, powerful enough to fuel multiple devices at will. putting you at the center of your own world wide web. introducing the new droid x. the next generation of does. >> the coast guard has called
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off a search that began this morning after the discovery of debris in the pain that might have met summer was in danger or drones. they found the debris at while assisting near the golden gate bridge. included one life jacket and a search for three hours all all the waterfront but stopped when it could not determine where the debris came from. a young man is under arrest with the stabbing of a passenger on a san francisco muni bus. they say he stabs in demand in the city's sunset district. they say it happened after the victim tried to break up a fight between clark and a woman in the back of the bus. clark is being held in lieu of $90,000 bail. eight eviction notice has sent eight popular san francisco nightclub but the nightclub owners say they are
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not going anywhere and that means the battle will end up in court. >> port of san francisco says today marks the end of the jelly's lease and a terminated the leas file liens date the series of high-profile of violent crimes including homicide. >> we have had three shootings in or around the club in the last two years and this is port property. >> reporter: although jelly's was closed today it shows no signs of closing for good. glasses are stacked and defense have been scheduled until next month. the owner says they have no intention of shutting down. >> that's right. >> reporter: in june but poor asked jelly's to repair a leaking pipes but when they made those repairs they noticed
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pipes blondie to the port making into the bay and when the client spoke up the release problems began. >> this is retaliatory and an effort by the city to retaliate against jelly's. >> reporter: they filed a notice of claims today and the port of santos goes. >> we intend to pursue jelly's rights in court. >> reporter: they deny that it is rich territory but we spoke with the city of the san francisco attorneys office and a meeting has been set between his client and the court for next week. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco international airport showed off the high tech rescue and fire-fighting system the equipment can
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penetrate the hall of a plane and is designed to use an unoccupied area of a plain but officials say when lives are at stake they can use it in the passenger cabin as well. the system cost about $4 million in is being paid for with airport concession fees. general motors applied for a public offering of its stocks and brings the auto maker closer for emerging from government ownership. the government owns about 61% of gm's which a gun exchange for giving the company $50 billion in aid. they are expected to raise 15 to $20 billion that will partially repaid the government. the note to wall street were a positive outlook from several high-profile retailers kept the market steady. trading volume was light and the nasdaq takes up six-point. a new poll indicates a majority of americans did not approve the way that the president is handling the
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economy. he has the lowest ever ratings on economic issues. 41% say they approve while 56% say they do not like the job he's doing pretty 61% says the economy has gotten worse. the poll also indicates the president's overall approval rating will remain steady at 49%. the summer weather is changing the winemaking landscape. they say they have to use some special equipment to ensure a decent harvest even though it will be late. >> reporter: the first harvest is still a few weeks away but these workers are lopping off. >> and all the same it is a technique that eight used for a growing season about 10 degrees cooler than normal. >> there is a good potential benefits. >> reporter: many vineyards are about two weeks behind because the growing season has been mild pre that is not much
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of eight problem for white brady's but could be for late harvest reds. >> if we go to lee into the fall we could hit some bad weather people lack the same mold and other consequences might not be a major problem and they're coping by pruning. >> what we can control is the vineyards and insure that the grapes are perfectly ripe. >> reporter: this man says dropping some of the crop allows what remains to better mature, with potentially hot months ahead he says it's too early to know what this season will bring. he says a long growing season can reduce sugar in the grapes but in which the flavor. >> 2007 is a more decating -- decatant rich one.
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>> reporter: why am makers says it is up significantly in this industry. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >> nfl quarterback turk brett favre has returned to the minnesota vikings. he is falling one of the best seasons of his career and he says he expects the season to be his last but he has announced his retirement twice before all the returning to play. there is no word yet if you will be ready to play on sunday when the of the kings meet the 49ers. coming up, meteorologist mark tamayo will tell us how cool it will be in these next few days. if there is no tv nearby, watch us online. we are streaming live on the
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>> key expensive yacht is a attracting a lot of attention in the print it has three swimming pools, a master bedroom and rotating bed some
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people say looks like something from a james bond movie is also bombproof and has a fingerprint security system. it is not clear if the owner is bored or how long the yacht will be there. >> what do they say, 300 is the new 30? >> i am waiting for four sully polls because that is my minimum. >> we are tracking some fog offshore. mostly clear skies and take a look at the maps on live stormtracker 2. slowly at approaching the bay shoreline and san francisco and the. looking outside right now we can show you this. fog has been warming up and temperatures across the bay area with '60s for the
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coastline, '70s for fremont and san jose and been warmus locations were in the '80s. the weather story is we will warm up inland afford the interior tomorrow and the extended forecast features some more killeen. the '70s as you work your way to toward the bay and high pressure builds and that will be the source of some or were mean away from the coast line. take a look at what happened. this area of low pressure moves in and will be the source of some cooling friday into saturday temperatures are barely making it up to the 80- degree mark and we are expecting some upper 70's. here we go with our forecast bottle. drizzle has been a repeat
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performance and then into the afternoon hours there is the temperature reached for most of the bay area. 87 degrees in antioch and some more neighborhoods, san jose 79 degrees and skies becoming partly sunny for the east. here is a look ahead, your speech by. temperatures are clean up and you can see a defiant cooling front. if you want that warm-up you will see what happens by monday and inland and neighborhoods are approaching peak 90-degree mark. there was a special birthday celebration for a dolphin named terry. she was born in the wild and dolphins usually only when the
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about -- with about 25 years and that have was per production into the red hat society for women 50 and older. that is our report tonight. i am gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues on and with our 10:00 news. tmz is up next right here on tv36. [ male announcer when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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